Why Use WordPress And Premiun WordPress Themes? (II)

After last artcile Why Use WordPres And Premiun WordPress Theme?(I). Today we will talk about Why Use WordPres And Premiun WordPress Themes? (II). It’s main talk the Why Use Premiun WordPress Themes?

When you setting up a wordprss site, They are two default WordPress theme in our site root. But they are not exactly very exciting. Though there are so many free themes out there, you want to be sure that you get a good quality one. Hiring a designer is not exactly in your budget.

What Are They

Premium WordPress themes are just themes that have been designed by professionals and are sold at a price. Less than it would cost to hire a designer.

Premium WordPress Themes are well deigned, with highly functional, top-quality themes which can transform a WordPress installation from a simple blog into a powerful content management system( CMS).

Why Use Them

Compared with free wordpress themes, premium wordpress themes are more friendly to SEO, and well supported. You can ask any questions about the theme you buy. If you are going host a blog/website successful or for business, try to buy a premium wordpress theme. You will find that everything becomes easy.

Here are just five compelling reasons why you should seriously consider using why use premium WordPress themes:

  • Quality The most obvious reason is the quality. Because premium themes are available to more than just one person, the developers are constantly receiving feedback. The feedback could be both negative and positive. It could come as a bug report or simply a feature request. And unlike free themes, the developers of free themes are more likely to listen to these feedback. And it is in their interest to fix the bugs and try to implement some of the more sought after features.  
  • Functionality You will find that in order for a premium theme to compete with other themes, it would have to provide special functionalities. Most of these functions usually make it easier for users to perform an otherwise arduous task. These functions could be as simple as inserting adsense codes changing the complete blog layout.  
  • Price Compared to hiring a designer, buying a premium theme is much more affordable. If you need your blog design to be unique, you can still hire a designer to just customize the header, which would cost less than having a design for the whole site.  
  • Selection More and more premium WordPress themes have emerged. And I’m quite sure that many more will come. Now, you can even find themes with different specialties. There are themes focused on CMS, there are those that are highly search engine optimized, there are those for use with Adsense… you get the idea.  
  • Support Another great reason to get a premium theme is the support that you get. Most premium theme developers offer one form of support or another for their themes. And if a theme has a loyal following, you can even find forums and discussions taking place outside of those provided by the developers. So, you can rest assured that your theme will continue to work fine with every WordPress upgrade.

 Those are just some of the benefits of using premium WordPress themes. They are a quick, professional and affordable solution to giving your blog the appealing look that it deserves.

Accumulo – RSS Content Aggregator WordPress Theme

The ProThemeDesign Release Accumulo wordpress theme, looks like the social media AllTop, a AllTop-style RSS Content Aggregator WordPress Theme, The Accumulo wordpress theme comes with a clean design, Social Widgets, custom widgets and custom templates for blogging. The homepage contains tabbed, custom RSS widgets for aggregating niche content. Create and monetize your own social media hub with ease.



Release Page | Download Accumulo Basic |Download Accumulo Developers

Accumulo WordPress Theme Feature

  • Custom RSS Widgets – allows you to set a feed address, name and favicon displayed neatly as a grid on the homepage
  • Animated multi-level dropdown menus
  • Custom page templates for blog and archives
  • Control Panel Options to control tab names and ordering
  • Custom Social Widgets for Twitter Updates, Popular Posts, Facebook and more.
  • Front-end admin bar for adding or editing posts
  • Smooth tab and scroll-to-top animations
  • Image thumbnail resizing
  • Support for gravatars, author comment highlighting, threaded comments and paged comments
  • Full localization and translation support
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer

Price: $59 Single License $149 Developers-License

Buy Basic | Buy Developers

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Accumulo Theme Download

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Briefcase – Obox Design First CMS WordPress Theme

Briefcase is the firest CMS (Content Management System) WordPress theme comes from Obox Design, It packs a whole lot of punch in terms of layout options, page options and user experience. The theme feature slider you can also display multiple company details / splurbs such as ‘Quality, Variety, Support’ .  Display latest Specials, blog and testimonials on the home page.

 briefcase WordPress Theme


  • Widgetised Home Page
  • Ajax Comments
  • Comment Subscription
  • Feature Post Slider
  • Fullwidth Page Template
  • Lightbox Images
  • Threaded Comments
  • Timthumb Image Resizing

Download Briefcase Theme

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