WP Robot 4 Review

WP Robot 4 Released, as of version 4 of WP Robot plugin has seen the light of the day. Which is the most successful WP autoblogging software of all time. The new update of WP Robot4 has major updates, which brings a lot of new features to WP Robot including better image caching, chain content spinning and intelligent keyword replacements. Bellow is the full review of WP Robot 4 .

WP Robot 4

WP Robot as Powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs. Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. WP Robot 4 updates:

  • New Features
    • Greatly improved image caching: WP Robot now saves all images in an article to your server if activated (also in RSS feeds) and sets a featured image automatically.
    • Rewriting: Moved to separate “All Rewriters” plugin with many new spinning features: Chain rewriting, support for ContentProfessor and the WordAI regular API, new metabox on WordPress “Add New” editor screens for instant spinning.
    • “Options” page: New “Intelligent Keyword Replace” setting. See details below
    • “Options” page: New tab to disable modules you do not intend to use on your blog.
    • Youtube module: Added support for maximum resolution image. Returned by new {thumbnail_large} tag.
    • “Create Campaigns” page: Featured Image setting removed. It is now always on.
    • “Create Campaigns” page: You can now enter a name or an ID into the “Author” setting. WP Robot will create a new user if the name you enter does not exist.
  • Interface Changes
    • “Create Campaigns” page: Quick Template Setup button moved from the sidebar to the center templates section
    • “Options” page: Uninstall buttons moved to separate tab for easier access
    • “Templates” page: Module / Post Template tabs at top for easier navigation
    • “Templates” page: Clickable tag buttons next to each template inserts tag directly.
    • Added WP Robot icon to WP navigation menu and plugin headers
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed incompatibility with Google Alerts RSS feeds
    • Fixed Yahoo News language settings
    • Improved error handling and keyword disabling
    • Removed unused and outdated code for speed improvements

New WP Robot 4 Feature Explanations, Go WP Robot 4 introduce page.

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WP Turbo WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin

Big WP Turbo Coupon Code here! Get Newest & Valid WP Turbo Coupon Code Now ! Up to 50% WP Turbo Discount Code to save more.WP Turbo Coupon For WordPress AutoBlogging PluginWP Turbo is a premium wordpress autoblogging plugin, Create any niche blogs on any subject you can think of, mix in videos, music, affiliate products and more..Not like the MyReviewPlugin. By using WP Turbo WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin you can create a video blog, a lyrics website, a cookery site, a job listings board, a twitter aggregator, flash games portal or coupon codes site. You name it and there’s a good chance WP Turbo can create it.

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WPTurbo Review – Best WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin

WP Turbo is a new premium AutoBlogging plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves autonmatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs. The WP Turbo plugin has a powerfull system to allow you to create your own templates and target by keyword and add filters so your sites are unique to you.

WP Turbo WordPress AutoBlogging Plugin

WP Turbo Build Flash Games Site Demo

This demo use the HeyZap flash games module, the game screenshots are pulled in and used as the post thumbnails and the flash games are embedded in the page. It is monetized via the HeyZap program which pays you when people make in-game purchases

WP Turbo Features over 20 APIs to pull content from.

  • Advanced Template System – Each module has its own template that you can completely customise to suit your website.Create Keyword Campaigns – Tailor the content to match your site’s niche through the use of keywords
  • Create RSS feed Campaigns – You can use any RSS feed to add content to your site
  • Create Category Based Campaigns – Add content from specifi Amazon, eBay and Oodle categories
  • 20+ Modules Available – You can legally use content from over 20 sources, more being added all the time
  • Mix and Match Modules – You can mix together as many modules as you like for each post
  • Automatic Posting – Schedule when new posts are added automatically with WordPress or a CRON
  • Post as any User – Choose which user on your site, the auto posts are posted under
  • Automatically Tag Posts – WPTurbo will automatically determine tags and add them to the posts for search engine benefits
  • Filtering System – You can filter out specific words to better tailor the content for your niche
  • Multiple Income Sources – Add in your affiliate details and you can earn income from over 5 different sources
  • Affiliate Link Cloaking – Cloak your affiliate links so search engines and site visitors cant tell they are affiliated
  • Advanced Event Logging – Advanced event logging system so you can see clearly what has been posted and any problems

You can manage all aspects of your sites from the WPTurbo Panel:

  • Create unlimited templates for your content so your site is unique.
  • Mix and match different content modules together.
  • WordPress 3.0+ Ready
  • Utilise featured images for each post.

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