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ManageWP Review

managewp coupon code and managewp reviewWordPress as an open source software, anyone and everyone can create their own customizations and components to the content management system. And many user are build business, ecommerce and personal blogs, But so more wordpress sites, mangage them will cost you much time. How to save it on option them? Recommened ManageWP is a revolutionary plugin that helps users manage multiple WordPress blogs from one dashboard.Like the CMS Commander.

Manage WP is a very powerful management dashboard that WordPress users will ever need to take back control of all their WordPress sites, through it’s powerful Manage, Monitor, Backup, Deploy, Publish, and Secure features. You can easily manage and upgrade all of your sites at one shot. With just one simple click, you can access all of your WordPress sites at once.

ManageWP Highlights:

  • Instantly access any of your sites with just one click (no need to remember usernames and passwords).
  • Quickly review which of your sites have themes or plugins that need upgrading and update them all with just one click.
  • Upgrade WordPress on all your sites at once – in about 60 seconds!
  • Built-in premium-quality backup services with a range of cloud storage options.
  • Safe and secure with option to quickly check your sites’ health.
  • Uptime monitoring to know instantly if any one of your sites is experiencing a major issue.
  • Traffic monitoring with alerts for traffic spikes.
  • SEO analysis.
  • iOS app to manage all of your WordPress sites on your iPhone, while on the go.

View full feature list and demo

For one year of ManageWP’s Professional package to manage 5 websites, you’d normally spend $129, but for a limited time only, you can get a full year for 5 websites for just $43, or choose the 10 website option for 30% off.


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MaxGalleria – Responsive Image and Video Gallery Plugin for WordPress

MaxGalleria - Responsive Image and Video Gallery Plugin for WordPressMaxGalleria is a new wordpress image and video gallery plugin with full responsiveness from Max Foundry, MaxGalleria plugin has complete WordPress media library integration with a streamlined workflow and user experience. MaxGalleria Responsive Image and Video Gallery WordPress Plugin includes templates and skins for easy customizations, and even comes with a NextGEN Gallery import tool.

MaxGalleria Responsive Image and Video Gallery Plugin Key features:

  • Image and Video Galleries Together
  • Responsive to the Core, Ensure your image and video galleries look great on all devices.
  • Integration with the WordPress Media Library
  • Streamlined Workflow and User Experience
  • Templates, Skins, and Lightboxes, Oh My!
  • NextGEN Importer Makes It Easy to Switch
  • Screenshots and Examples
  • A Feedback Favor

Visit for more MaxGalleria Responsive Image and Video Gallery features

The MaxGalleria plugin for wordpress is start from $39, And which works for unlimited image and video galleries. now you can use the Max Foundry MaxGalleria Discount Code : MGTWIWNOV5 get 25% off MaxGalleria. Also you can view the Max Foundry Promo code for more discount!

Elegant Themes Drag & Drop Builder Plugin Review

Review The Elegant Themes Drag & Drop Builder Plugin, A powerful wordpress layout Builder plugin For Any Theme. The Elegant Themes Builder is a Drag and Drop Builder Plugin for wordpress. Elegant Themes Builder plugin that provides some incredible tools for structuring the content on your page.

Elegant Themes Builder Plugin

Elegant Builder

The Elegant Builder plugin creates a visual drag-and-drop canvas where you can add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your page. This builder appears below the normal text editor when you create a post or page, creating a unique canvas for each. The builder allows to you quickly create columns, sliders, tabs, buttons, toggles, boxes and so much more.

Elegant Themes Builder Plugin Features:

  • Drag & Drop, you can create beautiful layouts through our advanced visual editor.
  • Countless Modules, easily add to your posts and pages.
  • 3 different list styles, including X’s, checkmarks and arrows.
  • Add buttons of different sizes and colors to any part of your page
  • Create jQuery powered image sliders and upload images easily with media uploader.
  • Lightbox images, add media to your page and display it within lightbox popups.
  • Quickly create blockquote using our quotes module.
  • Embed videos from youtube and vimeo by simply adding the URL
  • Toggled Content – Reduce clutter by placing content within open or closed toggle boxes.
  • Bring attention to certain pieces of information using our varying colored content boxes.
  • Quality tech support with full documentation guide

PS: Elegant Themes Builder Plugin will work with any theme, not just Elegant WordPress Themes, Also Elegant Themes Drag & Drop Builder Plugin is only available for customers who sign up under the Developers Package.

Download Elegant Themes Builder Plugin For WordPress for only $89!(as well as other 75 themes )

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