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PremiumPress Responsive Micro Jobs Theme (WordPress)

Reveiw Micro Jobs WordPress Theme. Micro Jobs is a new Responsive Micro Jobs Theme for wordpress user to start your own micro jobs website such as Fiverr & PeoplePerHour. This wordpress Micro Jobs theme from PremiumPress, With all the tools and features you need to setup and manage your very own micro jobs website.

PremiumPress Responsive Micro Jobs Theme (WordPress)

Micro Job

The Micro Job WordPress theme has responsive design for fit different devices. With a built in submission form with customizable listing packages, custom fields and listing enhancements for generating revenue online. You can setup free and paid job listings with additional revenue options such as featured listings, Google Maps, image uploads and limit space, HTML descriptions, multiple category and paid category selections.

Also Responsive Micro Jobs Theme with a built in Workflow system allowing buyer and sell to communicate quickly and easily via your website, user feedback and Profile Rating System, private messaging, online payments and release fund tools. The PremiumPress Micro Jobs theme has everything you need to build successful Micro Job websites quickly and easily.

Responsive Micro Jobs Theme Features:

  • Responsive design
  • Listing and Membership Packages
  • Free and paid job listings
  • Featured jobs listing : Colorful price tags, Bold title, excerpt, thumbnail
  • Expandable category box on homepage : Display all categories
  • Sorting options : Date, Price, Rating or whatever you specify
  • Workflow and Fund Release Tools
  • User Feedback and Profile Rating System
  • Buyers can only leave one feedback and rating for each job purchase
  • Members Area and Order History + Invoices
  • Facebook Like widget : Add more followers on Facebook page
  • Dashboard email notification : Stay updated for every action
  • Pricing plan form to create custom pricing table / plan
  • HTML descriptions
  • Multiple category and paid category selections
  • 20 different payment gateway
  • Built-in Advertising Areas
  • Easily Customize & Add-on New Features


For Micro Jobs Theme $79
For All PremiumPress Themes $279

Demo | Download Responsive Micro Jobs WordPress Theme

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Premiumpress Responsive Digital Downloads Theme (WordPress) Only $40, instead of $79 (50% OFF)

Responsive Digital Download Theme for WordPress from PremiumPress. Start your own digital downloads website today with the new responsive downloads theme. Premiumpress Responsive Digital Downloads Theme (WordPress) Only $39.5, instead of $79 (50% OFF). Coupon code: DOWNLOADPRESS

Premiumpress Responsive Digital Downloads Theme is a SEO friendly Digital Download WordPress theme, Ideal for software download websites, music sharing, docs, videos etc. This theme lets you upload or link to files which visitors can download. There are three main setups; download after payment, downloaded for free and download after ‘sharing’.

Premiumpress Responsive Digital Downloads Theme

Digital Downloads

Top 10 Digital Downloads Theme Features:

1. Responsive Website Design

Built using the most popular website frameworks, this theme has been hand crafted using the latest responsive CSS3 and Javascript toolset’s. This theme resizes beautifully to fit different devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones so your customers can access your website from where ever and whenever they want.

2. Multiple Download Types

Choose from paid downloads, free downloads or share to download options. You can select 1 or multiple download options per product. This theme supports multiple download options allowing the website owner to choose which setup they want on a per-product basic.

3. Download Counter and Visitor Tracking

Let your visitors know which downloads are popular with our build in download counters and visitor tracking.
This theme has multiple built in rating and tracking features such as the star rating system, visitor tracking and reports as well as the visitor stats.

4. Members Area and Newsletter System

With this theme you can allow website registrations turning website visitors into members. This way whenever a user purchases an item or creates a listing they can login to their own unique account area and manage their details.

5. Listing and Membership Packages
Setup your own listing packages and charge users to advertise their digital products.
Our digital downloads theme lets you create listing packages which can be free or paid and allow website visitors to signup and advertise their own digital downloads on your website.

6. 30+ Extra Theme Designs
When you purchase this theme you’ll get access to our child theme collection which are extra designs for your PremiumPress website. We constantly add new child themes to our website so be sure to join our newsletter to be kept updated when we release them.

7. Ideal for All User Levels
Built by business owners for business owners, our WordPress themes are quick to setup, user friendly, intuitive and easy to use. Built to be as self-sustaining and automated as possible, this theme makes running a website fun and enjoyable removing the headache of business so you can enjoy serving your customers.

Ideal for all user levels this theme caters for both novice users to advanced developers with easy on/off admin features and drag and drop functionality.

8. Easily Customize & Add-on New Features
Plugins save you time and money and allow you to add-on new features whenever you want them.
Our responsive framework is light-weight, quick and easy to install with great support for third party plugins and widgets helping you extend your website features.

9. Multiple Payment Gateways
Accepting payment online is easy with our payment gateway plugin system and built in order manager.
We have over 20 different payment gateway plugins which allow you to add-on new payment options so you can accept payments online. We support all of the popular merchants such as Pay Pal, 2Checkout, World pay, along with lots lots more.

10. Built-in Advertising Areas
With this theme you can allow website registrations turning website visitors into members. This way whenever a user purchases an item or creates a listing they can login to their own unique account area and manage their details.

Click here to PremiumPress Digital Downloads Theme

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Responsive Auction WordPress Theme From PremiumPress

Download Auction Theme

Auction WordPress Theme from PremiumPress transforms WordPress into beautiful auction website which can be easily customized and allows visitors to add/edit and manage their auctions. PremiumPress Auction WordPress Theme coupon code, allows you to get discount of build Powerful, SEO friendly Auction websites in minutes!

The Auction WordPress theme is ideal for creating niche market auction websites, business auctions such as Flippa or even as an additional service bolted onto to your existing website, this theme has everything you need to get you started your own bidding website easily.

Responsive Auction WordPress Theme From PremiumPress


Top 10 Features Of Auction WordPress Theme:

  1. Auto Bidding, Reserve & Buy Now Prices
    This auction theme has a built in bidding system allowing members to place their highest bid and the system will auto bid for them. They can also set a reserve and buy now listing price.
  2. Members Area & Bidding History
    Visitors can join your wesbite and become members. Each member has their own logins and unique account area where they can modify their account details, setup payment options and view their bidding history.
  3. House Comission & ‘Terms & Conditions’
    As the website owner you can setup your own comission percentage which means you members will pay you a % for all auctions sold. You can also setup and enter your own website terms and conditions.
  4. User Feedback & Seller Rating
    Once an auction has finsihed and the user has paid for the listing they can leave feedback regarding the transaction and provide a user rating which will show up on the sellers profile.
  5. Custom Fields and Advanced Search
    With PremiumPress auction theme you can setup as many custom fields as you like allowing you to create websites for all niche markets. You can then setup the fields to be searchable and add them to your advanved search tool.
  6. Listing Enahcements
    Members can enhance their listings with new features such as featured text, highlighted lisitings, HTML descriptions. Each enhancement you can charge extra $$$ for making it a great revenue resource.
  7. Images,Video,Music,PDF & Doc Uploads
    PremiumPress auction theme supports a range of different media types allowing your members to upload and share their content with ease. The upload process is clean and simple making it easy for users to add listings.
  8. Free & Paid Auction Listings
    As the website owner you can setup as many listings packages as you like offering different advantages such as auction lenghts, free enhancements and pricing. You can setup both free and paid auction listing packages.
  9. Drag & Drop Home Page Layouts
    Adding and removing content from your home page is ease with our home page management tool. You can simply drag and drop the content you want onto your home page and adjust the text/images as necessary.
  10. Ease Text & Color Changes
    Changing colors couldnt be easier! Within the admin area we have laid out a number of quick links and button options allowing you to adjust colors, fonts and website content.

Click here to PremiumPress Auction WordPress Theme

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