ReviewAZON WordPress Amazon Plugin

If you are an affiliate or would like a great way to promote products on or amazon businesser? I recommend you look at the ReviewAZON – best premium Amazon product review plugin for WordPress. ReviewAzon WordPress Amazon Plugin ReviewAZON WordPress Amazon Plugin lets you build product review sites in minutes, not hours, allowing you to build more, promote more and make more money than ever before.

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ReviewAZON Review – WordPress Amazon Plugin

ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin can save you a lot of time a effort by automatically retrieving the keyword-targeted affiliate products and associated REAL customer reviews from Amazon. Creating Amazon affiliate product review sites just got a little easier, Get ReviewAZON WordPress Amazon Plugin now with ReviewAZON Discount Coupon now!

ReviewAZON WordPress Plugin allows you to display over 25 different pieces of Amazon product content, you can instantly get an attractive review site loaded with product description, customer reviews, manufacturer, average customer rating, pricing, product details, brand and more! You can choose the product information that you want to show your blog visitors.

ReviewAZON Features:

  • Build complete blogs in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks allowing you to focus on other things such as promotion and creating additional blogs.
  • Support for all the Amazon Affiliate programs including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.
  • Detailed product user guide helps you every step of the way when it comes to installing, configuring and using the ReviewAZON WordPress plugin. Also learn how to make your own custom templates quickly and easily.
  • Make your blog product content stand out by providing your readers with timely and informative customer reviews on the products you are promoting.
  • Easy to use and intuitive administrative tools make configuring ReviewAZON a snap!
  • Flexible HTML templates let you control the output of Amazon data to your users with virtually unlimited ways to display pertinent and meaningful content to your blog readers.
  • Ajax driven product search dialog screen allows you to search by product category, custom sort parameter and product keywords to find just the products you are looking for quickly to add quality content to your blog in just minutes.
  • Custom YouTube video search screen allows you to search for YouTube product reviews and add them to your blog to enhance the reader experience.
  • Use the built in Custom Template Manager interface to make custom template changes on the fly and update all your blog posts with a single save!
  • Display Product Accessories and Similar Product listings along side your product post pages by showing them in-line or by using the custom sidebar widgets that come out of the box with ReviewAZON.
  • eBay integration with PhpBayPro enables you to display eBay listings along side the products you are promoting to help increase your ROI and affiliate commissions.
  • SEO friendly image and product URLs can be configured to display human readable links that not only help your readers but also boost on page SEO for your blog.
  • Continuously add product posts to your blog by “Drip Feeding” them over a defined set of time by using the Bulk Product Post feature of ReviewAZON.

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NOTE: Buyer can use ReviewAZON on UNLIMITED Domains! Buy it and use it on some or all of your domains. Get Lifetime updates – Pay once and get lifetime updates and product enhancements for the life of the product.

WordPress Review Theme – 12 Custom Niche Review Themes

WordPress review theme is a theme template designed to build review styled websites using the wordpress(build wordpress niche review sites), especially for affiliate marketers.WordPress Review Theme Contains 12 Custom Built Niche Review Themes. . That You Can Use Or Customize To Suit Your Niche. Replace Your Header Image of the WordPress Review Theme and Promote Any Niche With Any Number Of Reviews!

WordPress Review Theme – Niche Review Themes!

Worpdress Review Theme has with 12 customized niche review themes, ready to be promoted right away!

Auction Niche WordPress Review Theme

You know auctions are not just ebay either, people are interested in all types, government, bank foreclosures, So “Auction” theme is fully customizable and includes graphics and three product review articles specific to this niche that you can use and spin as your own.



Demo Auction Niche WordPress Theme

Ex-Back Niche WordPress Review Theme

“Ex-Back” Niche Template – Step into the relationship niche, It is a hungry market of buyer looking theme to build the Relationship info products review site!



Demo Ex-Back Niche WordPress Theme

FOREX Niche WordPress Review Theme

FOREX Niche Template – Step into the Foreign Currency Exchange niche, With the wide array of Forex products and tools, there is almost no limit to the products you can promote in the !



Weight Loss Niche WordPress Review Theme

Weight Loss” Niche theme is the ideal platform to promote the myriad of products available in this enormous niche.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Keyword Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Keyword Research” Niche theme will allow you to market products to online marketers looking to gain an edge or increase efficiency. The range of products that you can promote may include keyword and niche finding tools, article spinners and submitters and backlinking software.



Demo Keyword Niche WordPress Theme

Credit Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Credit” Niche theme will allow you to include services that offer credit repair, credit monitoring and credit consolidation. You know Regardless of the economic environment, people are always concerned with repairing and maintaining their credit. The credit niche is popular with CPA offers or “Cost Per Action”.



Demo Credit Niche WordPress Theme

Golf Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “GOLF” Niche theme will allow you passionate about sports, drive, tips on tightening up their short game and others.

Golf Niche

Golf Niche

Demo Golf Niche WordPress Theme

Guitar Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “guitar” Niche theme will allow you promotion with products like Jamorama leading the pack, promoting online music education tools is easy and profitable!



Demo Guitar Niche WordPress Theme

Registry Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Registry” theme can be used not only to promote registry tools, but also anti-virus software (which every-one needs) and pay incredible commissions!



Demo Registry Niche WordPress Theme

Seduction Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Seduction” Theme is focused on promoting products almost exclusively to men who are looking to get the “inside” advantage on picking up women!



Demo Seduction Niche WordPress Theme

Spanish Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Spanish” Theme is focused on promoting Whether is for school, a job, travelling or just for the fun of it, there is no shortage of potential students that want to buy this product. They just need you to point them in the right direction!



Demo Spanish Niche WordPress Theme

Workout Niche WordPress Review Theme

The “Spanish” Theme is focused on shape, building muscle and staying fit are all goals millions of people share, This is great for you as the marketer as it allows you to dial in your niche with this theme and make tons of sales!



Demo Workout Niche WordPress Theme

Now You Can Make Great Looking Review Style Websites With The WordPress Review Theme, It contatins 12 Custom Built Niche Review Themes, which is The Answer To Your affiliate niche site needs!

Each WordPress Review Niche Theme Features:

  • Simple To Use, Easy To Customize
  • Customized a costumed header that is niche specific
  • Product images related to the niche
  • 3 professionally written review articles, one for each product, that you can use and modify to make uniquely your own!

Using WordPress Review Niche Themes you can have your website fully up a running in 10 minutes!

Download 12 Custom WordPress Review Theme NOW!

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MyReviewPlugin – 35% Discount Code – Best WordPress Review Engine

MyReviewPlugin – The best WordPress-powered review plugin available on the market. MyReviewPlugin turns WordPress in to a one-click review site with star ratings, editor ratings, custom fields, automatic embedding, automatic plugin installation, 3 great themes and more. It is the newest best Review Plugin for WordPress, You can use MyReviewPlugin to build 100% profitable affiliates sites, The Best and top Affiliates all choose it!

MyReviewPlugin - HomePage

MyReviewPlugin - HomePage

You will see a large of Reviews iste use it, such as Registry Cleaner Reviews, Web Hosting Reviews, Dallas Chinese Food Directory, Cell Phone Review Site, Video Camera Review Site and others.

Two reviewsite screenshots

Two reviewsite screenshots

MyReviewPlugin Key Features

  • Easiest to Use

    • — MyReviewPlugin was designed to require no technical skill. It is powerful, but everything can be easily controlled from within the WordPress user interface. 
  • Add Star Ratings To Comment Forms

    • — Allow users to easily add rate products, posts and contribute their own reviews through your comment box. When posting a comment, users will be shown an easy-to-use “star rating form” with the rating fields you have specified.
  • Editor Ratings Too!

    • — Or you can allow users to see ratings as specified by the editor. This feature can be combined with user ratings to allow a “dominant” administrator’s rating, followed by a series of comments/mini-reviews by users.
  • Control Post Order

    • — By default, WordPress orders posts chronologically. If you’re running a review site, you may want your posts ordered by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings (see below) or our weighted smart sorting system.
  • Build Beautiful Comparsion Tables

    • —The custom information above (as well as rating categories) can be displayed within a comparison table embedded within any theme. Comparison tables can be embedded on any page[s] and can be configured in the administration area to specify which fields, which rating categories and even the overall appearance of the table.
  • Fully Compatible With Other Products

    • —Supporting a one-click upgrade from WP Review Engine and WP Review Site and full backwards-compatibility mode with their themes, MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with other scripts. Additionally, MyReviewPlugin is fully compatible with WP Smart Tools, KB Linker, Auction2Post, RealVMS, phpBay Pro, OIO Publisher and more.
  • Build beautiful comparsion tables
  • Sorts your posts by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings or weighted smart sorting system
  • Google Maps integration
  • Fully SEO Friendly
  • Powers a whole website or just what parts you want
  • Bonus: Dr. Link, Import Man and Little Comment Man
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee

View full feature list and demo

MyReviewPlugin is easy to use, building all these sites took less than 1 hour (less than 15 minutes each) — all of which are more than capable of being developed in to full, successful and profitable marketing sites. In setting up each of these demo sites not a single line of code (HTML, PHP, CSS or Javascript) was written! Everything was done from within the administration area.

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