Photocrati 4.0 Photography WordPress Themes

As a photographer, i think your photography website templates are based on flash. While flash effects look great, and want have fast load and SEO great, I recommend you the NO1. WordPress theme for photographers with galleries. Photocrati Theme. Now it is Photocrati 4.0 Photography WordPress Themes 2011.

60 Looks Out-of-the-Box – 15 Themes X 4 Homepage Styles!

Photocrati 4.0 Photography WordPress Themes

Photocrati 4.0 Bokeh Theme

PHOTOCRATI 4.0 Theme Features:

  • Built-in gallery management!
  • Built-in ecommerce galleries! Add ecommerce galleries with print sizes and prices. Comes with shopping cart functionality, integrated with Paypal.
  • iPhone / iPad compatibility.
  • Copyright protection for Photocrati Galleries – no right clicking, dragging images to desktop, or viewing source URLs.
  • Albums. Now add album pages – with thumbnails linking to each of your galleries.
  • Border controls. Customize borders on images and thumbnails in galleries.
  • Music. Add music to your home page, gallery pages, and blog page.
  • IPTC Data. Automatically imports IPTC headlines and captions.
  • Dozens of other updates!

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Photocrati SuperTheme WordPress Theme

Photocrati launchs The new WordPress Photography Themes: SuperTheme Theme. The Photocrati SuperTheme theme a single, powerful theme with 15 built-in one theme. With powerful Photocrati theme options, you can customize any part of your site without knowing code. The Photocrati SuperTheme theme is the next generation in Premium WordPress themes.

Photocrati SuperTheme WordPress Theme

Photocrati SuperTheme

SuperTheme Features:

  • A next-generation WordPress theme
  • 15 beautiful looks out-of-the-box
  • Change layout, colors, styles without knowing code
  • Fanatical customer support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Thousands of happy customers

Demos | Download Photocrati SuperTheme WordPress Theme Now!

Photocrati Premium Photography WordPress Themes

Here is a list of the photocrati theme of PHOTOGRAPHY WORDPRESS THEMES, Photocrati theme has released the first photography WordPress themes solution that incorporates a flash-style homepage, richly-featured gallery management (batch uploading, resizing, thumbnails, watermarking, etc), Plus you’ll get Photocrati great support, backed by our simple 100% Photocrati Theme Guarantee.( these themes are all have China Wind I’m think.)

Photocrati Emulsion Theme


Photocrati Focus Theme


Photocrati Lightbox Theme

Photocrati Lightbox wordpress theme

Photocrati Polarized Theme

Photocrati Polarized wordpress theme

Photocrati Viewfinder Theme

Photocrati Viewfinder wordpress theme

Photocrati Theme Features:

  • Beautiful Design. clean, simple, and elegant to maximize visual impact and allow your images to speak for themselves.
  • Flash-like beauty without the drawbacks. Flash-based templates look good, without the flash.
  • Flexibility. Change colors and fonts, add, move or modify design elements, insert text, or include anything from Twitter feeds to chat forums using the thousands of freely available WordPress plugins.
  • Powerful Gallery Management. Everything you want, including batch uploading, batch watermarking, rearranging images, resizing thumbnails, creating and organizing galleries however you want.
  • Unlimited Photos and Pages. Upload as many photos as you want, Also create as many pages as you want.
  • Awesome Search Engine Optimization. WordPress is well-known to be one of the best web platforms in the world for SEO, allowing you to be found.
  • Fanatical Customer Service. You’ll gain full access to our in-depth support forums.
  • Lifetime Rights. With every purchase, you’ll receive lifetime rights to your theme, including any updates.

Price: $89

Download Photocrati Premium Photography WordPress Themes

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