PageLines DMS – a drag and drop design editor for WordPress that lets you create your amazing websites. An amazing way to create awe-inspiring, mobile-friendly, sites in minutes without coding.  PageLines DMS – The world’s first drag and drop design management system for website with WordPress.

Intrducts by the Pagelines, DMS is not really a WordPress theme framework, which is a modular drag and drop design management system. PageLines DMS solves the biggest problems in web design. Fast, professional design that you can customize with no-hassle and no frustration. Which has a modular drag and drop system that allows you to create high-performance, symantically structured markup. And a new paradigm in theming. Build an amazing site and move it to wherever you’d like using the elaborate inport and export system.

PageLines DMS - Drag and Drop Design Editor


Others Pagelines DMS is powered by WordPress the most popular and powerful CMS, That means dms supports 26,000 plugins and advanced functionality. As WordPress SEO, forum, ecommerce and other more.  See more features of Drag and Drop Design has.

PageLines DMS Features:

  • 100% Mobile Ready – PageLines is 100% responsive and is designed to look amazing on mobile.
  • Drag & Drop Design – Build websites code-free with modular drag and drop. Built for pros, by pros
  • Reduce Development time 80% with Live Editing
  • Limitless Capability – Use the PageLines Store to add all kinds of amazing extensions to your site
  • The Power of WordPress – PageLines is built on top of WordPress. This means you get pro CMS too!
  • The PageLines Store – There is no limit to what you can accomplish using the PageLines Store. Add extensions to add anything from videos to new blog layouts.
  • Search & Social – Drive inbound traffic to your website with PageLines robust search optimization and social tools.
  • Color & Typography – Change your site colors and control your website’s design with point and click options.
  • Layout Control – Select from different layouts and templates on a page-by-page basis. Get complete control.
  • 100% Better Design, 30% Better Performance – DMS renders “Live” mode everything is loaded by best practices. Finally a drag and drop system that BEATS themes in performance tests.
  • On Demand Loading – Since DMS is dynamically driven, it allows loads the components that each page needs to load correctly. Often when you hack or use a theme, TONS of resources are loaded where they don’t need to be.
  • Best Practices – When in “live” or visitor mode in DMS, everything is rendered to best practices using Bootstrap standards. This gets rid of the problems most drag and drop systems have with bloated code.
  • Less “reinventing the wheel” – PL uses standard libraries that can be used once and don’t have to be loaded again. Saving even more time in loading.
    Bootstrap Under the Hood – PageLines is also built on top of the rad Bootstrap CSS design framework that you know and love.
  • Developer Friendly – You’re a developer? Well you’re gonna love this. PageLines is as actually super easy to develop on!
  • Open Source – PageLInes believes in the open source movement. Watch, collaborate and contribute to DMS code and more

More features of PageLines DMS read here

Is there a Pagelines DMS Coupon Code for dms two.

Yes, use the code dms_two upon checking out for 30% off any plan.

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