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Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress – Monarch

Review Monarch Social Sharing WordPress Plugin. Monarch is hands down the best social sharing wordpress plugin that are certain to improve the social sharing activity on your website. The premium Social Sharing plugin from Elegant Themes makes your website add sharing easily, you can add modern and stylish social sharing icons to your website. Also has lots of great control and customization options.

Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress - Monarch


The Monarch plugin with 7 different integration areas that can be mixed, matched, customized and tracked. display types such as floating sidebars, inline buttons, and automatic pop-ups, your visitors can now share your content with ease. The built Popups and Fly-In boxes that can be triggered based on specific user interactions and customized to get you the most shares, you can easily customize the design (colours, shape, effects etc.), enable sharing on media (images and video), display your social profiles and follower counts, track social shares stats for your site and more. The plugin supports 20+ social networks, has a retina display design and fully responsive. Also built shortcodes that can be generated on the fly and placed absolutely anywhere, and design options that give you control over every tiny detail.

Monarch Features:

  • Over 20 Social Networks to Choose From – you can choose from over 20 social sharing networks to display on your site – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit etc.
  • Add Sharing Buttons in 5 Different Locations – includes 5 different locations where you can place your social sharing buttons on your website.
    • Floating Social Sidebar – the social sharing icons float beside your content so its always accessible to visitors.
    • Above and or Below Content – dynamically detects where your content begins and ends and inserts social sharing icons above the content, below the content or both.
    • Automatic Pop Up – automatic sharing pop-ups with customizable title and message with options when it appears – timed delay, when a user reaches the bottom of a post or page, or upon page leave.
    • Fly In – automatic fly-in social sharing box in the bottom right or left corner of your site with custom trigger settings (time delayed, bottom of content, or upon page exit).
    • On Media (Images and Videos) – auto detects images and video within post content and enables image sharing to social networks such as Pinterest, Facebook etc.
  • Build & Display Your Social Following – to display our social networks profiles, follow counts, and easily become a follower.
    • More than 30 Social Profiles and Networks – attractive and customisable icons for link to your social profiles. You can manually input the follow counts for all social profiles or select it to pull a dynamic follow count.
    • Widgets and Shortcodes – you can place follow buttons in any widget area or display them with a shortcode you can add anywhere within your content.
  • Clean and Customizable Design – elegant, flat designs with predefined social network colour and icons, plus design tools so you can customize the look and feel of the social sharing buttons.
  • Mobile Responsive – each social sharing and following type has been designed to look good on all screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • Design Options – includes options for setting the shape, spacing and orientation (square, rounded or circular), hover effects, names and social counts, icon orientation, columns and unlimited colour options.
  • Fast Connections – share and follower counts are cached for optimizing loading speed.
  • Settings Dashboard – a custom designed setting dashboard to easily configure, add and arrange networks, set up locations, design and configure display settings, monitor and keep track of your social sharing and following stats and more.
  • Track Follows and Shares – the dashboard includes a stats section that keeps track of your user engagement to see how effectively your social sharing buttons are performing.

Price: $89 (Currently 87 themes and 5 plugins)

Download Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Series Engine Review – Best Sermon Plugin for WordPress

If you are runing a church website and want to add sermons to website, So review the Series Engine – one of the best sermon plugin for wordpress, churches easily publish sermons online. It’s the best way to share sermons, lectures and other media content on your site and across the web.

Series Engine Review - Best Sermon Plugin for WordPress

Why review Series Engine is the best premium sermon plugin for WordPress. Which allows you to create a robust media page in seconds, and can add speakers, sermon series, Bible references etc, throughout your site and across the web with unlimited media pages, podcasts and widgets.

Series Engine Features:

What makes it different than the other sermon plugin?
No Nerds Required! The Series Engine plugin installs in seconds. Simply activate the plugin, enter the shortcode on any Page or Post, and pick your colors. Series Engine does all of the heavy lifting for you… There’s no need to know HTML, CSS or any other geeky acronyms!

B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Video)
Use the video you already have! Series Engine is built to use simple embed codes from Vimeo, YouTube, and just about any other video hosting service. It’s the best way to get all of your content in one place.

A Social Darling – The Series Engine media browser automatically creates buttons to share your content through Facebook, Twitter, email and more. Your visitors are only one click away from sharing their favorite content… Getting the word out has never been easier.

Edit Once, Update Everywhere – The special Series Engine menu in the WordPress admin portal allows you to update your Messages, Series, Speakers and Topics from any web browser.

A Master of Disguise – You worked hard to make your site look great; Series Engine is built to match. A quick visit to its robust settings page allows you to change fonts, colors and icons in a matter of seconds… No coding required!

More Than a Media Page – You can create a great media page with Series Engine, The custom embed code generator allows you to post specific Messages, Series, Speakers or Topics within any Page or Post.

Works with Widgets – You know how to add Series Engine content to any widgetized area, From simple lists to detailed sections, you can add exciting new features to your site before you even finish your coffee.

Podcasting PowerhouseSeries Engine makes it easy to create any number of custom Podcasts using the content you’ve already entered. Use the Podcast builder to provide a name, graphic and a few other details, and you’ll be up and running in iTunes in no time.

Attached at the Hip – Allows you to attach an unlimited number of links and file downloads to each of your Messages.

Mobile Friendly – The world is moving to mobile, and Series Engine is ready for the challenge. If you’re using a mobile ready theme (that supports shortcodes) Series Engine will gracefully simplify your content for great looks on the go

How easy is it to use? A user can install the plugin, create a media page, change the styles and upload their messages in just a few minutes (without ever touching a line of code).

See more details of Series Engine – Sermon Plugin for WordPress

Free Updates: Your one-time purchase of a Series Engine license entitles you to free Series Engineplugin updates for life! No hidden fees; no monthly charges.

WP Robot 4 Review

WP Robot 4 Released, as of version 4 of WP Robot plugin has seen the light of the day. Which is the most successful WP autoblogging software of all time. The new update of WP Robot4 has major updates, which brings a lot of new features to WP Robot including better image caching, chain content spinning and intelligent keyword replacements. Bellow is the full review of WP Robot 4 .

WP Robot 4

WP Robot as Powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs. Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. WP Robot 4 updates:

  • New Features
    • Greatly improved image caching: WP Robot now saves all images in an article to your server if activated (also in RSS feeds) and sets a featured image automatically.
    • Rewriting: Moved to separate “All Rewriters” plugin with many new spinning features: Chain rewriting, support for ContentProfessor and the WordAI regular API, new metabox on WordPress “Add New” editor screens for instant spinning.
    • “Options” page: New “Intelligent Keyword Replace” setting. See details below
    • “Options” page: New tab to disable modules you do not intend to use on your blog.
    • Youtube module: Added support for maximum resolution image. Returned by new {thumbnail_large} tag.
    • “Create Campaigns” page: Featured Image setting removed. It is now always on.
    • “Create Campaigns” page: You can now enter a name or an ID into the “Author” setting. WP Robot will create a new user if the name you enter does not exist.
  • Interface Changes
    • “Create Campaigns” page: Quick Template Setup button moved from the sidebar to the center templates section
    • “Options” page: Uninstall buttons moved to separate tab for easier access
    • “Templates” page: Module / Post Template tabs at top for easier navigation
    • “Templates” page: Clickable tag buttons next to each template inserts tag directly.
    • Added WP Robot icon to WP navigation menu and plugin headers
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed incompatibility with Google Alerts RSS feeds
    • Fixed Yahoo News language settings
    • Improved error handling and keyword disabling
    • Removed unused and outdated code for speed improvements

New WP Robot 4 Feature Explanations, Go WP Robot 4 introduce page.

If you like to buy the Wp robot to build a new review sites or affiliate marketing business, recommened you Buy the Full Version (best value). The full version of WP Robot 4 includes all 24 modules, can post content from 23 different sources and lets you earn commission from 9 affiliate networks! You may use the plugin on all your websites!

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