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Discussion: Why Make Money With Selling Premium Themes Are So Popular?

make-money-onlineAs wordPress has become synonymous with the word blogging and grown as a popular CMS or blogging platform. Because of it popularity many new business opportunities have sprouted up. You can see the selling WordPress themes was bound to come about.

Below are a samll discussion of  Why Make Money With Selling Premium Themes are so Popular , If you are interested I am sure you will find one or many of these options a great choice to earn a few bucks.

1. Basics of Theme Sales

Customers like to buy Premium themes, Why? Because site owners can buy a high quality theme with a much lower price than pay for a custom design. Obviously, there are thousands of free themes available, but with so many blogs and websites using those themes, We also require unique design. A custom design is ideal, but many website owners are hesitant to invest that kind of money into a site that may not be producing any income yet. Buy premium themes is an extremely affordable option that gives them a look that they probably can’t achieve with a free theme.

Designers are able to sell premium themes for a custom design of many times, so they’re not making all of the money from one customer. The designers and developers of premium themes typically will then offer support to customers who have purchased the theme and are having some problems. That all why sellng premium themes is popular!

2. Selling Link Spots in Free Themes

This was popular for a while and I am sure its still being done. When you design a free theme and give it away its common practice to add your own personal links in the footer code. Designers usually ask bloggers who download the free theme to keep these links intact in the theme notes if they want to use the free theme.

Because of this some people started selling these spots to other webmasters as a way to rank better for keywords. In general footer links aren’t the best links anyways, but if you plan on giving away some free themes on your website or blog consider selling a footer link or two.

3.Selling Premium Themes

The biggest money in most niches is to actually create your own product and sell it. If you can set up a website, get some themes up for sale and do a little search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, you can make a nice living selling premium WordPress themes. Those who sell popular prmium themes (take for example TemplaticViVaThemes ) make a bit of money doing Selling Premium Themes. If a theme sells for $100 and you sell only 10 per month, that would equal $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year. Although there will be ongoing work providing support and marketing your theme, the potential income for a premium theme is much higher than you are likely to ever charge for a custom design. Don’t forget to set up an affiliate program so you can let other online marketing experts who prefer promoting affiliate programs sell your themes!

4. Promote Premium Themes

The last option, which I mentioned above is to promote other people’s themes to make money. There are plenty of great affiliate programs and the best way to push themes would be to create a WordPress related blog, theme review site or some sort of WordPress theme gallery. Many people are not ready to sell their own custom themes so they opt to use their skills to push themes already available and if you are good at affiliate marketing you can make just as much money as if you sold your own themes, if you are theme Designers, said above already.

5. Leverage Your Work and Income Diversity

For designers and developers, i think Creating a theme one time and selling it over and over again is a great way to leverage your work. You can continue to make money on your original efforts long after the design is completed.

If you currently work as a freelancer or for a design firm, selling premium themes can open up a whole new source of income and a different approach to earning a living in web design. If you’re currently designing sites for clients, you may want to look at the possibility of adding theme sales to your routine, as it brings a number of benefits.

What’s Your Experience?

If you have any experience of  Why Make Money With Selling Premium Themes Are So Popular?, Please share some of your thoughts in the comments. Would you consider selling premium themes as me in the future?

Rockable Press Rockstar Presentations & 33% Discount Code

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If you are want To take your career or your personal brand to the next level, giving presentations is a must. But most people fall into one of two camps – they’re afraid of presenting, or they don’t know how to do it well. So the Press Rockstar book is out,  The tips and techniques in the book can be effectively applied by anyone – beginners and veteran speakers alike.

Rockstar Presentation

You will learn from Rockstar Presentations :

  • Why everything you’ve heard about avoiding stage fright is wrong
  • How not to fail at PowerPoint
  • The secret techniques separating awesome presenters from the rest
  • How you can use the same strategies employed by Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill to give great presentations

Rockstar Presentations Book topics:

History, Part 1: Stunning Speeches

Learn what made The Gettysburg Address and Churchill’s “We Shall Fight…” speeches so good, and the simple tips you can learn from them.

  • Public Speaking, in General – This chapter establishes the essentials of a good presentation. You’ll learn how to prepare and how to practice your presentation for a seamless delivery. When the time comes to give your talk, Joseph’s tips will help you avoid stage fright and deliver an exciting presentation.
  • Team Meetings, of the Garden Variety – Moving up at work will probably require you to give presentations to your colleagues. They’re an opportunity to influence the direction of your company – or your clients – and make a great impression if done well.

History, part 2: Killer Keynotes

The huge influence of people like Steve Jobs and Randy Pausch (‘The Last Lecture’) began with their stunning keynote addresses. Learn what makes their talks so effective.

  • Keynote Addresses – You have the opportunity to give a keynote address. This chapter will show you how to embrace this incredible opportunity, wow your audience, and spread your big ideas.
  • The Pitch – Pitching your ideas – or your product – to a room is a nerve-wracking experience. You need to bring your A-game because you may only get one chance at success. In this chapter you’ll learn that a good pitch stands on three legs, and the trick to a good pitch.

History, part 3: Death by PowerPoint

A warning on the risks of failing to communicate information properly, focusing on the fascinating story of the Space Shuttle Challenger and Space Shuttle Columbia disasters.

  • Head of the Class – Teaching others is one of the biggest responsibilities we can undertake. If you’re ever given the opportunity to teach, this chapter will give you fundamental tips on how to succeed and leave a lasting impression on your students.
  • Conclusion & Bonus Chapter: PowerPoint Pointers – In this special bonus chapter you’ll learn the PowerPoint pitfalls to avoid – from fancy footers, to washed out watermarks, to adding too much text. Joseph gives you five simple rules to follow instead.

Bonus: Get 3 Great PowerPoint Templates Worth the Cover Price!

Three top-selling PowerPoint layouts included with the book will make sure you’re never scrambling to put a layout together again.

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Booke Author :  Joseph Lewis

Joseph Lewis is a regular contributor to, and has over ten years of experience in publishing for government, defense, health care, and technology firms, He has also written articles about business presentations, office politics, and other humorous subjects.

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The Jewelry Shop WordPress eCommerce Theme

The Jewelry Shop Theme is a highly flexible eCommerce theme, Which is designed especially for online shops, features localized ecommerce system, a membership area, creating and saving a wishlist and sooo much more!

The Jewelry Shop

The Jewelry Shop

The Jewelry Shop WordPress Theme Features:

  •  Shopping Cart (disable if you want to use the theme as a product showcase (eg. Catalog)
  • Membership Area (disable if not needed)
  • Blog (create only when required)
  • Localized theme (parent and child themes) and theme options
  • Documentation – Solid, clear and well commented-out code
  • Creating and saving a wishlist, an informative customer service area
  • Detailed Help files
  • SEO / Performance – SEO Optimized Indexing to avoid Duplicate Content, 
  • SEO Optimized: Header Titles, Heading Tags (proper use of H1, H2, etc), Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords
  • Javascript files loaded only when needed
  • WP-Pagenavi integrated
  • Styles for cformsII included
  • Cufon font replacement

Price: $ 47

Download the Jewelry Shop wordpress theme

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ShopperPress – WordPress Shopping Cart theme

Templatic eShop – WordPress E-commerce Theme

DirectoryPress – WordPress Directory Theme

ClassifiedTheme – WordPress Classified Ads Theme

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