WordPress is not just limited to text based blogging. Why choose WordPress you here read here . There are many ways you can use WordPress for different purpose as CMS, Business Site, blog, Photo Blogging, Video Blogging and so on.

And today, We are going to collection some Excellent Free Portfolio Themes or PhotoBlog Themes For WordPress, This is a little long list of all the available wordpress themes on the internet, It is an exclusive collection of free photoblog wordpress themes / free Portfolio wordpress themes that are nice, simple and elegant looking .

Here are 20 portfolio and photoblog free wordpress themes you can use to show off your latest images. And added 5 premium PhotoBlog WordPressThemes if you like to purchase.

20 Portfolio And Photoblog Free WordPress Themes

1. Viewport wordpress theme


Viewport is a free WordPress theme focused around a clean and simple content based layout with sliding ‘panels’ displaying images to represent posts. The aim is to grab the user’s attention and draw them straight into the content. On the single post page the content is laid out clearly in full, with post controls and a widget-enabled sidebar.

2, Spotless wordpress theme

spotless wordpress theme

Spotless is a WordPress Theme designed specifically to be used for Photoblogs.

3, WP Foto wordpress theme

WP Foto Theme

Wp Foto theme is single layout theme designed for photo blogger. It uses custom fields for displaying thumbnail in home page, archive page, category and tag page.
4. Linquist WordPress theme

Linquist WordPress theme
Linquist is a professional, clean WordPress theme with a number of features that make it stand out from the thousands of other themes on the market. It is the ideal theme for placing your portfolio and images.

5.Fotofolio wordpress theme

Fotofolio wordpress theme

Fotofolio is a free wordpress template designed for easy creation online portfolio for Visual Workers; Photography, Graphic Design, Manga, Architect, etc. Fotofolio is very simple and easy to use, please read the instalation and usage for details.

6.AutoFocus wordpress theme

AutoFocus wordpress theme
AutoFocus is designed specifically for photographers looking for a simple and elegant way to display their work online but can also be used as a regular blog.

7.Nishita wordpress theme

Nishita wordpress theme

Nishita is is A simple, sleek and minimal (quick and simple install/setup) Photo Blog theme.

8.Reflection wordpress theme

Reflection wordpress theme

Reflection: It is a simple, clean and elegant WordPress theme that you can use photoblogging.

9.Sharpfolio wordpress theme

Sharpfolio wordpress theme

Sharpfolio is a WordPress theme designed to enable Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Motion Designers, Artists or any creative professional to showcase their work in a simple, clean, beautiful portfolio. Sharpfolio aims to focus primarily on your work, because after all, this is what’s most important.

10.Gallery WordPress Theme

Galleria Photo Blog Theme

2-columns, fixed-width, threaded-comments.

11.Video Game Photo Theme

Video Game Photo Theme

3 column, widget ready, adsense ready, Video, Game and Photo Blog theme.

12.Going Pro Gallery WordPress theme

Going Pro WordPress theme

Going Pro – Simple Mind” it’s a simple and free WordPress theme with one sidebar on the right and PSD sources included

13.Unstandard WordPress Theme

Unstandard WordPress theme

The Unstandard WordPress theme is released / shared with the intent of breaking the typical blog mold. Farewell to the blase reverse chronological text heavy front pages, and hello to visuals & imagery to lure visitors deeper into your website / blog.

14,PhotographerDream WordPress Theme

PhotographerDream WordPress Theme

PhotographerDream WordPress Theme was build specially for photographers. Right from the main page visitor will see photographer shots. On the photo page image pan is used, so if the image is extra large user will drag it to view every pixel. Your blog visitors can also press control and drag photo to zoom the image.

15,Grain WordPress Theme

Grain WordPress Theme

Grain Theme is a fixed-width photoblog theme. Comes with an administrative backend and relies heavily on CSS for it’s styling. It uses a mosaic style overview page, has archives, can display exif data, browse to random photos etc.

16,Fotolog WordPress theme

Fotolog WordPress theme

Fotolog WP theme for photoblog , It has 1 column, showing 1 photo for each page and showing maximum 800px width photo on main page (can be modified). Previous photo and next photo link on top and bottom of each page, this will help for better/faster navigation.

17,Photoblog Dark Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photoblog Dark Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photoblog Dark Portfolio WordPress Theme is ajax content sliderDark style, online portfolio premium wordpress theme.

18,iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme

iQ2 WordPress Photoblog Theme

iQ2 is a WordPress photoblog theme that fully integrates with the PhotoQ Photoblog Plugin. The main features of the theme consists Fixed width, Fully widget compatible, Built-in EXIF support etc.

19,WP Pix Theme

WP Pix Theme

WP Pix Free Theme is not just another WordPress theme, it’s more to it than meet the eye — it’s a real photoblog/portfolio.

20.Monochrome Gallery


Monochrome Gallery is a free widgetized theme for WordPress packaged with an author archives page, AJAX slideshow, categorized posts with thumbnails on the homepage and a CSS framework to aid in customization.

Added 5 Premium PhotoBlogging WordPress Themes

1.RichPhoto WordPress Theme

RichPhoto WordPress Theme

RichPhoto is a photo gallery / portfolio premium WordPress theme, which allows you to show your photos or artwork using WordPress. The theme features easy installation and setup, automatic image size generation and two colour scheme options – light or dark.

2.Image River

Image River

Image River is a gallery style WordPress theme that is packaged with 3 different color schemes. Image River transforms your WordPress blog in an image gallery.

3.PhotoBlog Wpzoom


PhotoBlog is an unique portfolio theme for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. With an intuitive layout and a fully widgetized sidebar, it offers the flexibility required in modern blogs.

4.Album Theme

Album Theme

Album WordPress theme is a really beautiful wordpress template for Album and picturesblogs. With 8 different color options perfect album theme. Use the theme of the album is different. You can share your family, travel, party and other pictures on the website.You really need an elegant template.



Cassiopeia is an elegantly designed portfolio theme designed to turn your wordpress installation into a fully functional showcase of your work, mixes friendliness with elegant professionalism. Your customers will be calmed by the mint greeny blues and re assured by the attention to detail such as matching iconography and readable typography.

25 Excellent Free WordPress Themes are all here, Choose one free or purchase one premium PhotoBlog theme for building photo blogging site.

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